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Skiing and stretching

Skiing and stretching



Having just got back from a fabulous weekends skiing I am reminded of the importance of stretching. We go skiing for one week a year, having done very little exercise or preparation, thinking we are Franz Clammer and hurl ourselves down mountains expecting our poor bodies to deal with this sudden onslaught. By the end of the day we are shaking all over, can hardlytouch our aching legs, then sit down and have a lovely aprez ski vin chaud. We don’t cool down and don’t stretch. Then get up the next day and do it all over again on tired sore legs, that are still full of lactic acid from the previous day. A new revelation that I tried out this year were skins, a type of thermal leggings that are designed to compress the legs slightly, helping with lactic acid recovery, improving circulation and improving body temperature control to name but a few of the many things they claim.


I cannot prove or disprove them but can tell you that I didn’t suffer from cold legs and nor did I suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness the next day. Another reason that I didn’t have sore legs the next day was stretching. I did take the time (ok, so it was after my Vin chaud) to sit and stretch off my legs, back and buttocks each night and again the following morning before I went back out on the slopes. I am probably the most unfit I have ever been ( and I didn’t sit admiring the view but actually skied hard) so the combination really did help . If you are heading out to the slopes this year and would like to receive some ski specific stretches then get in touch and we will e mail them over to you along with a few pre ski exercises to try at home.

Happy times were had, this was the first time in four years I have made it out to the Alpes, don’t ruin your holiday by forgetting to stretch and pulling a sore and tired muscle.