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The Brighton marathon

The Brighton marathon

If there is ever an event that restores my faith in human nature it is the marathon.

This year I worked on the finish line helping massage some very tired legs. I was working for the Chestnut tree house and St Barnabus house. Chestnut tree house is a charity run hospice for children and their families. They are amazing and depend on charity for a huge proportion of their funding. They help around 300 families in sussex both at chestnut tree house itself and support many families in their own homes. Seeing some of the pain that their runners endure is always a humbling experience. I have never run a full marathon so can only imagine the pain in peoples legs at the end of the gruelling 26 miles. Being able to help get some blood back into those tired limbs is always rewarding as you hear great stories of achievement. I was stunned when their first runner home came 54th in the whole marathon in 2.58 hours!!!! It was his first ever race and first ever marathon. It just goes to show if you put in the hard work and follow a sensible training program you can achieve anything.

Running a marathon is not something you should undertake lightly. Make no mistakes, the training is hard work and there are no guarantees that it is going to go all your way on the day. If you are thinking about doing the marathon next year, make sure you get yourself checked out by the doctors before starting any training. Running any distance puts a lot of stress on your body and you need to be in good shape. Make sure you invest in a decent pair of trainers- you are going to become very good friends and travel a lot of miles together. Ideally they should be changed every 6 months or so. Never buy a new pair to run your race in always break them in well before race day. Follow a good training program. Runners world is a very good place to start as they have programmes for all different levels of runners. If you can join a local running club. Not only will you find people to train with, they are a font of knowledge. There are some amazing charities to run for and if you decide to run for Chestnut Tree House or St Barnabas, I will be on the finish line to give you a well earned massage!