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Shunyo Finberg Having done various types of body-work, including Yoga, Meditation and Tai-Chi, the natural step forward for me was to become a therapist and continue bodywork on a different level. After I did a course in Zen-Shiatsu, my curiousity only grew bigger and eventually I decided to become an Osteopath. This has brought me to the UK, London, where I have studied in one of the UK’s leading institutions for Osteopathy, the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Thanks to BCOM’s wide range of course modules, I was able to work as a Sports and Deep Tissue Massage therapist for the last 3 years of my degree and gain knowledge and experience with sports related injuries, muscular tension as well as postural issues and other common ailments. I offer a relaxed, no-hurried atmosphere that is caring, informal yet responsible and up to date. The most important thing for me is to listen to the patient’s needs and work on a person to person level.